Utility Models

A  Utility Model is an  exclusive  right granted by the government  for an innovation/invention,  which is either  a product  or process  that offers  a new technical solution to a problem.

A product  or process that is new and is useful  can be  protected  using this system.  Their term of protection is 10 years. Registration for a utility model is simple and fast, and gives the holder the right to exclude others  from exploiting the protected innovation/invention.

Utility Models provide protection  for incremental improvements  to products and processes  and it is very  relevant for SMEs.For Example:  Printing- roller cleaning system, fruit sorting machine,simple bottle cleaning machine etc.


A patent, like a utility model, is an exclusive right  granted  by the government for an invention. Protected inventions can range from simple things like a safety pin to sophisticated items like juice processing machine.

An  invention  that is Novel, Inventive and  is industrially applicable may be granted using a Patent.

The term of protection for patents is 20 years.

For the patent to remain  in force the patent  holder  is required to pay annual maintenance fees.

Requirements for protection explained
Novel  /New– The invention/innovation should not be disclosed in any publication anywhere.
Inventive  step-  The new product or process  should  not be  obvious  to a person skilled in the art.
Industrial Application- The invention can be made or used in some kind of industry

Rights of a Utility Model/Patent Holder

  • Decide who may or may not exploit the protected invention.
  • Permit/license  the use of  the invention on mutually agreed terms or sell the  invention outright.


Step1 •    Submit a filled patent application form

•    Attach  a patent  document  having  a title, abstract, description, claims and drawings.

•    Attach proof of payment.

Step 2 URSB receives the document and accords it a filing date and a patent application number.
Step 3 An  application  found to be  in order is subjected  to substantive examination to determine if the claimed invention fulfils all requirements for patentability.
Step 4 Applicant is notified on grant/refusal of a patent. The applicant is then requested to pay the grant fees and thereafter issued a Certificate of Grant of a patent.


Fees for Applicants


Foreign fees Local fees Foreign fees Local fees
(US $) (UGX) (US $) (UGX)
Application Fee 100 100,000 50 30,000
Examination  Fee 250 150,000 N/A N/A
Grant/Certificate 100 90,000 50 50,000