Foreword from the Registrar General

Mercy K.Kainobwisho

As the Team Leader of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), I am honored to have the opportunity to serve our citizens and provide them with access to critical registration and advisory services, information, and mindset change resources.

At a time when technology is rapidly advancing and changing the way people interact as they seek services, our website plays a crucial role in ensuring that we are meeting the evolving needs of our clients. We are committed to delivering a user-friendly and accessible website that provides a seamless experience for all who visit.

Our mission is to provide timely, accurate, and reliable information to the public, and to engage with clients, businesses, and other stakeholders to better understand their needs and concerns. We recognize the importance of transparency and accountability at URSB, and we are dedicated to using our website as a platform to foster trust and build strong relationships with the communities we serve.

As we continue to grow and improve services, most of which are accessed through our digital and online platforms, we value your feedback and encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions with us. With your feedback, we can better understand how to serve you and make our website an even more valuable resource.

Thank you for visiting our website today, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future, and always.


Mercy K. Kainobwisho



Our Vision

Centre of Excellence for Reliable Registration Services


Our Mission

To provide Accessible, Reliable & Innovative Registration Services for a Formalized Economy


Our Core Values

Professionalism| Integrity| Teamwork| Excellence| Transparency| Accountability


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