Registering a Business Name

  1. Fill the form of Statement of Particulars required to be given pursuant to the Business Name Registration in case of a firm.
  2. Hand in the form for a name to check as to the availability of the name.
  3. The form should indicate the name of the person signing the form against the signature in case of corporate entities being the partners.
  4. The signature of the endorsee, title and the seal of the corporate entity must be indicated in case of corporate entities being the partners.
  5. Pay the registration fee and hand in the form at the Business Registry for registration

How to Register a Partnership

  1. Register a Business Name
  2. Register a Partnership Deed under the Documents Act Cap 81

Conversion of a Business Name into a company

  1. File a Notice of Cessation of the Business Name
  2. Return the original certificate of registration for cancellation
  3. Go through the procedure for new company registration.