Customary Marriages are registered with the Sub-County Chief/Town Clerk who issues a Customary Certificate.
The Sub-County chief/Townclerk is the Registrar of Marriages in the respective district where the marriage took place.
Every entry  made in the Registrar’s book MUST be filed with the Registrar General (URSB) on a monthly basis.

Requirements to Register a Customary Marriage at Subcounty/Municipality
a. Evidence that a marriae took place (Traditional Certificate, Pictures, Letter)
b. The couple and two adult witnesses with valid IDs. (National ID or Passport)
c. Legal Customary certificate (Can be procured from Sub-county OR from URSB at a fee of Ugx 20,000)
d.  Recent passport size pictures for couple (3 copies per person)
e. URA payment in the bank.
Upon completion of the registration at the Sub-county chief or Townclerk’s office, the Marriage return is filed with URSB (Registrar General) to be entered on the National Marriage Register.

How to file a Customary Marriage return with URSB.
a. Original cover letter from the Sub county chief or Town Clerk of the area where the marriage took place.
b. A duly filled Form B (marriage certificate in the format prescribed by law) signed and stamped by the sub-county chief/ town clerk or certified copy of the same.
c. Evidence of payment  made in the bank.
d. Copies of valid passports or National ID cards or Refugee Identity cards for the couple.

Fees for filing a Customary marriage return.
a. Ugx 20,000 If registration is made within 6 months from the date of customary marriage.
b. Ugx 40,000/- If registration is made after 6 months from the date of customary marriage.
c. Ugx 35,000/- for each Certified copy of Form B (Customary marriage Certificate.)