Industrial Design

An Industrial  Design is defined as the ornamental  or aesthetic  aspect of a useful article (product). The design may consist of three-dimensional  features, such as the  shape  or surface  of an article, or  two-dimensional   features, such as patterns, lines or color.
An industrial design in  simple terms   is  the appearance of a product, it’s what makes a product  attractive and appealing to a consumer’s eye.
Industrial designs are applied to a wide variety of  products of  industry and handicraft  items: from packages  and containers to furnishing and household goods, from lighting equipment   to jewelry, and  from electronic  devices to textiles. Industrial designs may also apply to graphic  symbols and graphical user interfaces (GUI)
Industrial design rights are granted for FIVE (5) years renewable for two more consecutive five year term.
Industrial design protection does not protect the technical features of the product.

For a design to be protected, it must be:
New-there is no identical design already available to the public before the date of filing, or application for registration.
Original-must be  independently created by designer, and not a copy or imitation of existing designs.

Industrial Design Application Procedure
The applicant should have:
1.  Filled  Industrial  Design  Application Form.
2.  Drawing or other adequate graphic representation of article (product).
3.  Description identifying features that constitute the design.
4.  Power of Attorney, where applicant is represented by an Attorney.
5.  Receipt of payment of application fees.


Where the applicant is not the creator, the request shall be accompanied by a statement justifying the applicant’s right to the registration of the industrial design.

Step 1 Submit an application to URSB.
Step 2 Formalities  Examination of the application – Application is checked to determine if all requirements for application  have been provided and is then accorded an application number and filing date.
Step 3 Substantive examination of application – The application is examined to determine if the design is new and original.
Step 4 Publication of application – If the design is acceptable for registration,  a gazette notice is issued to the applicant to advertise in the Uganda Gazette for 90 days.
Step 5 Certificate of Registration – If there is no opposition after the expiration of 90 days of the advertisement, the Registrar shall issue a certificate of registration upon payment of the registration fee by the applicant.

Industrial Design Fees

Sub category Amount (local applicant) UGX Amount (foreign applicant) USD
Application fee 50,000 100
Grant fee 20,000 20
Renewal fee 100,000 250