Amb. Francis K.Butagira

Chairman Board of Directors, URSB

Amb. Francis K. Butagira was appointed Chairman URSB in October, 2015 and in serving in the same capacity for the next three years. He is also Managing Partner of Butagira and Company Advocates and as well as an Advocate of the Supreme Court and Courts subordinate.

Previously, Amb.Butagira served in various capacities in the international political community and in Uganda. He has served as Member of Parliament  and Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament. He has also served as Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kenya, Germany, Austria and the Vatican, Ambassador Extraordinary and Permanent Representative of Uganda to the United Nations.

While serving at the United Nations, he was elected to the Vice Presidency of the General Assembly which is charged with the responsibility of managing the sessions of the body and also as Chairman of the Third Committee, a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly, responsible for social, cultural, humanitarian and human rights affairs. His professionalism during his career is impeccable and he displayed utmost diplomacy when he negotiated the election of Uganda to the Security Council.

Through his educational exploits, he studied law at the University of Dar es Salaam and is a Harvard graduate where he graduated with a Masters of Law degree.