Special Licenses

Where an intending couple is unable to wait for the 21 statutory days, or where they desire to have their marriage celebrated outside a licensed place of worship or Registrar’s Office, they should in addition to the requirements, prove to the Honorable Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MOJCA) by the way of registered affidavits that there is no lawful impediment to the proposed marriage and that the necessary consent, if any,to the marriage has been obtained.

The affidavits must in addition state the reasons why they want an exemption from the waiting period or why they desire to get married at an unlicensed place of worship. The Honorable Minister shall, if he or she thinks fit, grant the license requested for.

Fees Payable:
Ushs 300,000/-
(Where one of the parties to the marriage is Ugandan or a Refugee)
US$ 200
(Where none of the parties to the marriage is Ugandan)

Service Details National Applications (Ugx) Foreign Applications (Usd)
Civil Marriages File notice of marriage 10,000/= $10
Display of notice on notice board FREE FREE
Celebration of marriage 200,000/= $150
Issuing of marriage certificate 25,000/= $25
Registration of marriages a) Marriages conducted at URSB. b) Marriages conducted at the Districts 25,000/= $25

       Registration of Affidavits
Customary Marriages Issuance of customary Marriage Certificate 20,000/= N/A
Registration of a customary marriage within six (6) months 20,000/= N/A
Registration of a customary marriage after six (6) months 40,000/= $200
Special Licenses Process applications for special licenses 300,000/= $200
Issuance of Special license FREE N/A
Licensing Places of Worship to Celebrate Marriages Process applications from clients 200,000/= N/A
Inspection of place of worship of the applicant, report and recommendations FREE N/A
Granting of license to celebrate marriage FREE N/A
Searches And Certifications Searches on the Marriage register/ Muslim and Hindu divorce Register 25,000/= $25
Certification of marriage certificates/ returns AND Muslim and Hindu Divorce Certificates 35,000/= $35
Marital Status Issuing of single status letters 25,000/= N/A
Church, Hindu And Muslim Marriages Compliance Check N/A N/A
Approval of marriage return N/A N/A
Filing of marriage returns and registration of marriages 35,000/= $35
Muslim & Hindu Divorces Compliance Check FREE N/A
Filing of divorce returns and registration of divorce. 35,000/= $35
Verification of Marriages and Muslim & Hindu Divorces E-searches for Government& Foreign Missions FREE FREE
Verification for the general public of Muslim and Hindu divorces. 35,000/= $35