Business Registration Forms

Service Details Costs (Ugx. & US$)
Continuous filing on companies Registration of any other documents or instrument submitted to the registrar 30,000/=
Company Resolutions 30,000/=

Registration of any notice of appointment or change of directors or secretary (Form 20)30,000/=

Registration of a notice of a registered office (Form 18)30,000/=

Registration of form of allotment of shares 30,000/=
Company Forms 30,000/=
Stamp duty on transfer of shares 1.5% of amount being transferred
Registration of transfer of shares 30,000/= 
Annual Returns of a private company with nominal share capital 50,000/=

Annual Returns of a company without nominal share capital30,000/=

Amended Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association50,000/=

Registration of any increase of share capital made after the first registration of the company1.5% of the amount by which the increased share capital exceeds the share capital on the preceding registration

Filing an application for restoration of a company on the register50,000/=

Application for conversion or registration of company from one category to another 50,000/=
Registration Of Legal Documents Powers of Attorney and Constitution 50,000/=
Affidavits and Statutory Declarations 30,000/=
Other Services Search Fees 20,000/=
Certification  of any company documents on the register 30,000/=

Application to the registrar to dispense with the word limited50,000/=

Filing any application or form not expressly provided for under the Regulations to the Registrar under Companies Act50,000/=

Filing and registration any Notice or Order required to be delivered, sent or forwarded to the registrar20,000/=

Registering the appointment of a receiver or manager of the property of a company under section 103 of the Act50,000/=

Declaring that the company has no assets  and liabilities 50,000/=
Registration of business names Registration Fees 24,000/=
Change of particulars 10,000/=
Search 2,000/=
Filing Fees 1,000/= per copy
Cancellation of Entry 5,000/= per copy
Change of Address 5,000/= per copy
Rectification of register 10,000/= per copy
Notice of cessation 10,000/= per set
Certification 5,000/=
Incorporation of Companies with Share Capital Name reservation 30,000/=
Registration fees of nominal capital of 1M-5M 100,000/=
Registration fees of nominal capital exceeding 5M 1.5% of Share Capital
Stamp duty 0.5% of share capital on new companies with share capital above 5M
Incorporation of a company without nominal share capitalRegistration fees100,000/=
Foreign Companies Registration of certified copy of memorandum or equivalent $250
Any other document (forms) $55
Certification, per copy $20

Return filed by foreign company$65

Registering a certified copy of the charter, statue or memorandum and articles of the company or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of the company $300

Registering any other document required to be delivered to the registrar relating to a foreign company under the Act$65
Registration of Charges Registration of mortgage/charge 50,000/=
Registration of series of debentures 50,000/
Inspection of register 20,000/=
Registration of receiver or manager of property 25,000/=

Inspecting the register of charges for each Inspection20,000/=

Registration of memorandum of satisfaction of charge50,000/=


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