How to petition

• The creditor has to prove that the company has failed to pay its debts. • Fill in the petition form which entails;  The name, address, nature and type of the company.  The consideration for the debt, how it is owed, when the debt was incurred or became due.  Whether the company has failed to comply with a statutory demand.  Whether the statutory demand has not been set aside or there is no application for extension of time.  Whether the company is unable to pay its debts.  Whether the company has been declared insolvent. • Attach an affidavit on the petition sworn by the creditor in the presence of a commissioner of Oaths. • Serve the respondents with the petition. • Give public notice of the petition by putting it in the gazette or a newspaper. • Every other creditor who wishes to be heard has to give notice to the court and to the petitioner.