28Industrial Design Application Forms. 74 (1) (a), Reg. 46 (2)
2Application for a Patents 21, Reg 6(1)
2Application for a Utility Models 21, Reg 6(1)
5Request for Written Authority s.15 (1), Reg. 13(1)
7Request to Amend or Divide Application.Reg. 15(1)
10Request for Examination.s.31 (2),Reg. 24(1)
17Request for Change of Ownership.Reg. 38(1)
42Search for Industrial Property Right.Reg. 64
43Request for AmendmentReg 65
Patent - Annual Maintenance FormReg 35
Statement Justifying Applicant's right to Industrial Design Certificate
Statement justifying Applicant's right to Patent/Utility Model Certificate


TM1Form of Authorization of Agent
TM2Application of Form for Registration
TM3Additional Representation of Trademarks to accompany Application for Registration
TM6Notice of Opposition to Application for Registration of A Trademark
TM7Form of Counter-statement
TM9Form for Registration
TM10Renewal of Registration of Trade Mark
TM15Request to the Registrar to register a subsequent Proprietor of Trade Mark or Trade Marks upon the same devolution to Title
TM17Request for Alteration of Trade or Business Address
TM19Request for correction of Clerical Error or permission to amend application
TM20Request to enter change of name
TM24Alteration of a registered mark
TM27Request for a Search
TM28Preliminary Advice as to the distinctiveness or capability of distinguishing, by person proposing to apply for registration of a trademark
TM 1AApplication for Registration or Renewal of Agent.


1Application form for Registration of Copyright or Neighboring Rights
11Application for Clearance of imported audio visual recordings from owner or collecting society
13Form for Application for Grant of License