Industrial Designs

1.1 What is an Industrial design?

An industrial design is the aesthetic (appealing) aspect of a useful object. In a general, it is what makes the object attractive and unique.  An industrial design may consist of three dimensional features, such as the shape of an object, or two dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or color.

In principle, the owner of a registered industrial design has the right to prevent third parties from making, selling or importing articles bearing or embodying a design which is a copy of the protected design.

1.2     Criteria for Industrial design registration

For an industrial design to qualify for protection, it must be new (novel) and original. An industrial design is considered to be new or novel if it has not previously been disclosed to the public and it may be considered original if it significantly differs from known designs or combinations of known design features.

NB: Industrial design registration is valid for 5 years renewable for two consecutive 5 year periods to a total lifetime of 15years.

Procedure for Registration

1.3 Steps to file an Industrial Design application

1Fill in the Industrial design application Form 28.
2Attach drawings, photographs or other adequate graphic representations of the article embodying the industrial design.
3Submit all documents with receipts of payment

Click here to download application form


  • The request  may  be  accompanied  by  a  specimen  of  the  article  embodying  the
  • industrial design, where the industrial design is two or three-dimensional.

  • Where the  applicant  is  not  the  creator,  the  request  shall  be  accompanied  by  a
  • statement justifying the applicant’s right to the registration of the industrial design.

  • Assessment for fees is done using the URA web portal or self-assessment using
  • 1.4 Steps after examination

    If the registrar deems the application qualifies for registration, the following steps shall apply

    1Publication of notice of application to register an industrial design in the Gazette
    2Wait ninety (90) days from date of publication in the Gazette, pay the registration fee.
    3Submit registration fees receipt.
    4Receive registration certificate.


    A registered Industrial Design can be renewed after five years for two consecutive five

    year periods. Application for Renewal is in Form 34.

    1.5 Steps to obtain copies/ examine representations

    1Submit the request representations Form 36 along with fees receipts.
    2Obtain copies/ Examine the representations.

    Click here to download a schedule of payable feesThe Industrial Property Fees, 2017.