Licensing a Place of Worship for Marriage

It is mandatory under the Marriage Act that all churches, denominations or bodies that wish to celebrate marriages under this law should get the buildings for those places of worship licensed by the Hon. Minister of justice.

  1. 1. An original application letter from the church. Where the church is an affiliate of an already registered church, a recommendation letter from mother church.
  2. A certified copy of the certificate of registration
  3. Recommendation letter from the Chief Administrative Officer in case the church is found outside Kampala
  4. A certified copy of the church’s land title or registered tenancy Agreement
  5. A certified copy of the church’s occupational permit
  6. Certified copies of the approved building plans of the church
  7. Resumes, certified academic qualifications and valid identification of the pastors that will officiate over the church’s marriages
  8. Selected photographs of the church’s premises
  9. Inspection report from the Registrar of Marriages
  10. Proof of payment of UGX 200,000

Every marriage celebrant or registrar at the districts, Churches, Mosques and Temples must remit revenue and file returns for all marriages celebrated or registered at the end of each month to the Registrar General at URSB.

Fees payable

Ug shs 35,000 UGANDANS