To obtain a license to celebrate marriages under the Marriage Act, there must be:

  1. An Application letter addressed to the Honorable Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MOIJA), through the Registrar General from the church clearly indicating the religious denomination, Location and whether the church is an affiliate of an already registered church, a recommendation letter from the mother church.
  2. The legal entity under which the church is operating (Certified copy of the certificate of Registration as a Company by Guarantee or NGO or Trust).
  3. Proof of Ownership of Land or rights to the land.
  4. A place of public worship (a permanent structure)
  5. Physical photographs of the church i.e. interior and exterior
  6. Recognized marriages celebrants and their valid identifications (Religious leaders like Pastors, Reverends, Priest and any clergy recognized by that faith).
  7. Inspection Report from the Registrar of Marriages within the area
  8. Evidence of payment of Ug. Shs 200,000/- into the consolidated fund (by way of receipt from the bank).
  9. Submit the above stated letter, attachments and proof of payment to the Registrar General.
  10. Collect the license from URSB after 5 working days.
  11. Submit License to UPPC for a gazette.
  12. Submit copy of Gazette to URSB (Civil Registry)
  13. Submit monthly returns to the Registrar of Marriages.