Only Returns/Form F’s from duly licensed and gazetted places of worship are registrable. These returns should be filed on a monthly basis.

  1. Cover letter from FBO where the marriage was conducted (signed and stamped)
  2. Duly filled and signed Form F (should also be stamped)
  3. Evidence of payments

UGX35, 000/= for Nationals and refugees

USD35$ for Foreign Nationals

It is a statutory requirement for every licensed and gazetted FBO conducting marriages to submit a monthly return of each marriage celebrated before the 10th Day of the next month by way of filing a Form F as indicated in the schedules.

  1. The celebrant enters the details of each marriage celebrated into the Marriage Register Book
  2. The celebrant extracts the details listed below for each couple from the marriage register onto the Form F
  • Name of the church
  • Date of Marriage
  • Marriage Certificate Number
  • Name of Groom and Bride
  • The age of Groom and Bride
  • The Condition of the Groom and Bride before the marriage (here state whether Spinster, Bachelor, Widow, widower or Divorcee).
  • The Occupation of the Groom and Bride at the time of the Marriage
  • Place of residence of the couple at the time of marriage
  • The name and occupation of the fathers of the groom and the bride. If they are deceased this should be stated.
  • Date of entry of the marriage into the marriage register,
  • Name and Signature of the marriage Celebrant
  • Stamp or seal of the church
  1. Make assessment for payment on the URA portal (done at any Bank and/or URSB offices at Ugx.35,000/= Nationals or USD35$ for Non-nationals)
  2. Proceed to make payments at the bank of your choice
  3. Write cover letter accompanying the returns; please indicate number of returns, period of return and total amount paid and attach the receipt of payment (got from the bank). Submit together with the Form Fs to any URSB office countrywide
  4. Receive an acknowledgement of the returns filed within 2 hours of submission.