1. Cover letter from Registrar who conducted the marriage (signed and stamped)
  2. Certified copy of marriage certificate with the pictures attached
  3. Certified copy of Notice of Marriage Form
  4. Certified copy of Form for certificate details
  5. Copies of registered affidavits for both Bride and Groom
  6. Certified Copy of the LC1 letters of both Bride and Groom
  7. Copies of national IDs of the couple and their witnesses or any other valid identification documents for non-Ugandans
  8. Copy of letter of consent from parents of either couple who is under 21 years of age
  9. Evidence of payments made into the consolidated fund account/URA portal
  10. Single status letter for non-Ugandans

UGX 260,000/= for Ugandans less 25,000/= for Certificate of payments if the certificates were bought from URSB

USD 260$ for non-Ugandans and less the price of the certificate if that used was bought from URSB


  1. The Chief Administrative Officer of the Marriage District writes cover letter to the Registrar General submitting returns
  2. The letter and certified copies (certified by the CAO) of all documents submitted prior to the celebration of marriage and receipt of payments made to URA are submitted to the Office of the Registrar General
  3. Proof of registration of affidavits with Registrar of Documents
  4. The CAO receives acknowledgement of the returns from the Registrar General