1. Must be a Ugandan
  2. LC 1 letter from place of residence.
  3. Certified copy of birth certificate, certified by the National Identification and Registration Authority (to prove parentage).
  4. Photocopy of passport and national ID for the applicant to prove nationality.
  5. Copy of national ID or passport for one of the parents/guardian or nearest relative
  6. Registered Statutory declarations of the applicant stating that he/she is single
  7. Registered Statutory declarations of one of the applicant’s parents or guardian or nearest relative stating that the son / daughter is single,
  8. A null search report from the marriage registry.


UGX 25, 000 shillings. The letter is issued to Ugandans only.


  1. The client submits request to URSB offices attaching all the above requirements (including proof of payment)
  2. Waits for a call to pick the letter from the Secretary to Director Civil Registry in 30 minutes