Civil Marriage Registration

Registration of marriages in Uganda is governed by the following laws:
  1. Marriage Act Cap 251 Laws of Uganda for the celebration of monogamous marriages
  2. Customary Marriage (Registration) Act Cap 248 that makes provision for the registration of customary marriages
  3. Hindu marriage and Divorce Act Cap 250 that regulates the marriage of and provide for matrimonial causes between Hindus and persons of allied religions.
  4. Marriage and Divorce of Mohammedans Act Cap 252 that relates to the marriage and divorce of Mohammedans.
Marriages and Divorces of Mohammedans are celebrated between persons professing the Mohammedan religion according to the rites and observances of the Mohammedan faith. The Marriage Act ceases to apply to persons that elect to conduct a Mohammedan marriage. Hindu marriages and divorces are solemnized between Hindus or persons of allied religions like Buddhists of Indian origin, Jains or Sikhs and are solemnized in accordance with the customary rites and ceremonies of either party to the marriage. Where customary marriages are celebrated to the rites of an African community and one of the parties is a member to that community, they should be registered with the Sub County or town clerk of their respective marriage districts. Monogamous marriages under the marriage act can only be celebrated in the office of the registrar or a licensed building of a place of worship belonging to a church, denomination or body.