Filing Company Forms

a) Company Form 7

Particulars of the directors and secretary of the company is required to be filed within fourteen days after registration of a company.

b) Company Form 8

Any change in directorship and secretary of the company should be filed with the registrar of companies using a resolution and Form 8

c) Company Form A3

Before incorporation, shares are not yet paid for and thus not allotted.

After incorporation, whenever a company allots its shares, the returns should be registered within sixty days,

d) Annual Returns Forms

Every year, a company is required to audit their books of accounts and file the form of Annual Returns with the Registrar of companies.

There is a fine incurred for non compliance.

e) Company Form No. A9 Notice of situation of Registered Address of the company

The form is is required to be filed with the Registrar of Companies within fourteen days after incorporation

f) Transfer of shares (Transfer of Share Stock Form)

g) Increase of share Capital (Company Form 3)


Changing the name of a local company

  1. Reserve the new name
  2. File a Special resolution
  3. The Business Registry will issue the client with the gazette notice for publication in Uganda Gazette
  4. Certificate of change of name is issued upon presentation of the published gazette notice and surrender of existing certificate of incorporation

f) Company Resolutions
The Business Registry can register resolutions of the Company general meetings and board meeting.

All official documents of a company must bear its registration number.