Assessment for Payment of Fees

The Payment Registration/assessment service is accessible at URSB or by the client exercising the self assessment option on theUganda Revenue Authority Web Portal
(a) Assessment at the Business Registry 1.    All documents or forms for assessment and issuance of the payment registration slip are received, at the  information  desk located on Floor Six (Business Registration Directorate). 2.    The  normal time required to make an assessment is one hour. 3.     Assessed documents (work) is picked from the  Front Desk  on Floor  Six. 4.    Upon assessment the money payable in the bank is indicated on the payment registration slip,please cross check for correct particulars. 5.    Upon getting bank payment receipts, you submit your documents  to the Registrar at the Information Desk  on Floor Six for processing the registration. Assessment of fees for new company incorporation will comprise of:
  1. Name reservation fees  20,000/=
  2. Registration fees of Ugx 50,000 for companies of share capital below Ugx 5 million and 1% of share capital for companies of share capital above Ugx 5 million
  3. constant stamp duty of Ugx 35,000/=
  4. Stamp duty 0.5% of share capital
Assessment of fees for increase in share capital comprises:
  1. Registration fees 1% of share capital
  2. stamp duty 0.5% of share capital
(b) Your step by step guide to the self Assessment option in the URA net Portal PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU REQUIRE AN APPROVED NAMED RESERVATION BEFORE FURTHER ASSESSMENT FOR PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION FEES AND STAMP DUTY FOR NEW COMPANY INCORPORATION Step 1:  Use the Internet Explorer (or any other web browser) and access the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) website. Step 2: Click/Choose eServices, then under Payments select the link Payment Registration, upon which, a form will appear. Step 3: In the form under Tax Head, choose Other NTR Step 4: Choose Uganda Registration Services Bureau on the Ministry/Department/Agency drop down menu under the Details of Other NTR Payments section of the form. Step 5: Choose the Department relevant to the documents you want to assess: ie. Business Registration Department. Step 6: Choose the category relevant to the documents you want to assess: ie. Company Registration, Registration of Documents.etc. Step 7: Choose the Sub-Category relevant to the documents you want to assess: ie.Names Reservation, Registration fees..etc. The relevant fee will automatically be set and can be seen under the Amount field of the form. Step 8: Fill in the Tax Payer Name under the Tax Payer Details Section of the form. Step 9: Fill in details of the District/City, County/Municipality and Sub County/Town Council/Division of the place of situation of the business/company. Step 10: Choose the Mode of Payment you will use under Bank Details Section: ie Cash, Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer...etc. Step 11: Choose the bank convenient for you to make payment, under the URA’s Banker Name field. Step 12: Enter the security text given in the image. (Note: The letters are case sensitive and therefore must be entered in the way they appear) Step 13: Click the Accept and Register button and wait for a few seconds. Step 14: Print the Slip that appears and proceed to the bank you have chosen to make payment.